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The Frank Talk Multi-Media Network is a multi-layered platform that includes radio, print media, television broadcasts, live events, and exhibitions... Connecting history, arts, culture, and entertainment to the community.

Gilda Rogers

"Connecting history, arts, culture and entertainment to the community," is the essence of what Gilda Rogers and the Frank Talk Multi-Media Network is all about.  Gilda wears many hats as an award-winning journalist, producer, historian, educator, and community activist. 

Gilda is the Community Relations Liaison for Two River Theater, which was named one of the top 10 Regional Theaters in the country.  As a cultural critic, Gilda was the impetus behind the award-winning series called "Let's Talk About Race," that is presented monthly at the Red Bank Public Library.

Gilda has a ZEST for life and is living it to the fullest. She worked in the fashion industry for 15 years and is known for her style and flair. She just announced a series of life affirmation cards called "Sidewalk Smiles - Volume 1" - a portion of sales bolster fundraising efforts.


In April 2018, she received the "Women of Achievement" Award from the AUW (American Association of University Women), for her tireless work with the T. Thomas Fortune Foundation. 

She took on the herculean task to save the home of T. Thomas Fortune (1856-1928), the African American journalist and social justice crusader of the 19th and 20th Centuries. His home, which is only one of two National Historic Landmarks in New Jersey devoted to African American Heritage, was in the crosshairs of being demolished until Gilda stepped in and formed a committee of concerned citizens to save the home. 


The T. Thomas Fortune Cultural Center opened on May 30, 2019. Gilda is a founding member of the T. Thomas Fortune Foundation.

You can follow Gilda's cultural escapades on the pages of Industry Magazine. She writes about New Jersey galleries, events, and restaurants in her columns ArtScene and Mixologist. 

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