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The Frank Talk Multi-Media Network is a multi-layered platform that includes radio, print media, television broadcasts, live events, and exhibitions... Connecting history, arts, culture, and entertainment
to the community.


Just in time for Holiday gift giving, FTMN has developed a series of affirmation cards. They are great for notes and make wonderful gift cards (for any time of year). They are ready to frame. Envelopes are available for mailing. Or rotate your choice on a simple card display block.

Wooden card display block

Volume 1 "Sidewalk Smiles" - $20.00 - ORDER NOW 

22 different 5.5"w x 4.25"h cards come in a pack.

They feature a color photograph by Alan Burgess entitled "Sidewalk Smiles", along with 21 life affirmations by Gilda.

c  Volume 1 Card Set  ($20.00)

c  Pack of 22 Envelopes  ($7.00)

c  Card Display Block  ($4.00)

c  Gift Bagged  ($2.00)

Look for T-shirts, coffee mugs, and other wonderful items this summer.  Volume 2 WOMEN, Volume 3 SOCIAL JUSTICE, and Volume 4 SPIRITUAL, are also in the works!

To order call 908-461-3156 or download this order form and mail in with your remittance.

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