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The Frank Talk Multi-Media Network is a multi-layered platform that includes radio, print media, television broadcasts, live events, and exhibitions... Connecting history, arts, culture, and entertainment to the community.

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The following book projects have links to buy them on Amazon.

Some of the self-published projects can be ordered directly from Gilda and the Frank Talk Multi-Media Network

by using the email contact screen.

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Out of the Ashes Came Hope: The Monsignor William J. Linder Story and the Rise of New Community Corporation.

William J. Linder retired from the priesthood in Newark, New Jersey, in 2012 after serving residents there for over 50 years. Gilda Rogers' crisp and reflective storytelling is woven into this sociological tale of urban blight, resurrected by the vision and courage of NCC founder, Father Linder, after the 1967 Newark Riots. Considering race has finally moved to the forefront of discussion, Out of the Ashes Came Hope, is a timely story laced with mayhem, delight and what is possible when people have the courage to believe and one man's love for God's people.  Father Linder's arrival at the all-Black parish, Queen of Angels, in 1963, will remind you of Sidney Poitier's 1963 Oscar winning role as Homer Smith in Lilies of the Field. (2016 Archway Publishing, 216p) PURCHASE Out of the Ashes HERE ON AMAZON

FEARLESS: A Bold Approach to Reinventing Your Life

Collaborators Gilda Rogers, Candace O. Kelley and Caryl R. Lucas have delivered a tour de force effort in self awareness and self determination. (2012, 119p) PURCHASE Fearless HERE ON AMAZON

Arrested Development: The State of Black Achievement & Education in Hip-Hop America

Thesis by Gilda Rogers. (2007, 145p) Email to order your copy.

A Love Letter to Count Basie: From the Great Migration to the Harlem Renaissance

Exhibition research text by co-curators Alan Burgess and Gilda Rogers. (2020, 16p) Available at the T. Thomas Fortune Gift Shop.

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