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As the Community Relations Manager for Two River Theater I interact with all communities to broaden the theater's cultural relationship with audiences by creating partnerships and collaborations  that help to heighten the theater's awareness of the the public it serves.

The T. Thomas Fortune Cultural Center is a dream come true.  It is a cultural haven for history, art and civic engagement. It honors the legacy of the African American journalist, T. Thomas Fortune, whose fight for social justice for all  is alive and well. 

Follow my cultural escapades on the pages of Industry Magazine, covering the Art Scene and  Mixologist . . . coming to your restaurant soon.   

The idea of being a writer was so fascinating to me that  I willed myself to become one. Books are a treasure trove of thoughts and ideas and what's extraordinary about everyday life, which  reflects the human experience.  I LOVE words and they matter.  WORD!

Journalist     Community Activist
Author    Historian    Humanitarian
Producer      Educator      Mentor

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